Monday, January 21, 2013

Fashion Trends for Men

The common notion in the fashion world is that women need to look good much more than men such that the entire concern turns to them. Time has changed and so has the preferences. A good appearance is no more limited to woman. Fashion is no more women’s prerogative. Most men try playing safe with predictable trousers or usual shirts. However with men who don’t fear experimentation, below are few tips:
•    Bold is the focus of the season as far as colors are concerned. You can try orange or olive trousers at once. If it looks too bright you always have the provision of toning it down with sober and humble color top.

•    Those loving slim fits can go with suits and double breasted jackets but of a new kind. Go for the season’s special wide legged pants.

•    Sweat shirt lovers can try on motived shirts of their choice with catchy and colorful graphics. Shirts of short sleeves are in as well. International fashion trends is also encouraging army themes, camouflage prints as well as sports coat.

•    Classics such as doctor’s bag, floral prints as well as paisley color pallets have made their entry into the fashion world just like Koozies.

•    Blue has been one of the dominant colors of the season for men as it always has been. The only alteration it has undergone is in the shade of the color. It has toned down to that of solid mid tones, however, not devoid of its playful presence.

•    The year 2013 is emphasizing plurality all the more. A combination of more than two patterns would no more be risky. It would add variety to the dress by creating contrast. For instance micro plaid shirts worn with striped tie of same or similar color can work wonder for men.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fahsion Acessory: custom koozie

Creating a style statement for oneself has become a fashion now a day. In the southern states Koozies have now become a fashion bearing statement to get your message out. We find that majority of the people spend most of their earnings to look stylish and different from the crowd. So if you are among them custom koozie will be the best gift which you can present it to yourself and enjoy the difference. How it can be used as a fashion statement Koozie are can holders which helps you to keep your drink cold, it is made up of foam. With the advancement in technology, it can be customized the way people want it to be. It can be used in parties as a new fashion trend. Parties and beer goes hand in hand, hence you can use it to keep your drink cold and at the same time can attract people by flaunting your personal koozie.

Your personal cooler can help you to get recognition and at the same time you will be able to differentiate your drinks from others. Sites like Custom Koozy you can custom print a koozie and they only cost around $1. One can print their name or make some prints which goes along well with their personality or they can even have their photo printed as a mark of custom koozies fashion statement. This handy item can be used anywhere and everywhere. One does not have to restrict its usage to only parties; it can also be used for general purpose as well. So anytime you go out take your personalized koozies along with you. The best thing about custom koozies is that it is available in different colors and an individual specially girls can mix and match with their dress and make other people envy of your style code. So create your own can coolers and leave a lasting impression. There are certain factors which one should take into consideration before buying their personalized koozies. They are:
• Quality- One should be careful with regard to the quality of the koozies. As there are so many companies which are offering koozies at a very low price.
 • Needs- One should be very specific before buying the coolers .You should only purchase those koozie that will be beneficial and suits your needs and requirements.
 • Budget- First and the foremost important thing before you plan to purchase the koozies is how much amount you are willing to shell from your pocket. Your style statement is ready. Just go online or purchase it from your nearest shop and be the trendsetter.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Got some great ideas from the Best of fashion week in Milian. great Video check it out